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The Top 9 Things I Learnt About Salesforce From Their Earnings Call

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Salesforce had a conference call to talk about their Q4 earnings on Feb 25th, 2016.

Here’s the cliff notes version of the discussion. You don’t want to miss the part about Salesforce selling to CEOs and Boardrooms directly.

  1. Salesforce closed two “nine-figure” deals in the last quarter: They signed a new deal with one of the world’s largest professional services companies. Salesforce also signed their largest renewal contract with a very big insurance company.
  2. The key to success for these large transactions has been that they were CEO-level sales. Is this something for CIOs to worry about? Benioff says that he never made a sales call on a CEO during his 13 years at Oracle. Since companies are moving towards digital transformation, CEOs are getting involved in the conversation directly, now.Thier largest transactions – in banking, insurance, media and technology have been with the CEOs.
  3. More than 600 “seven-figure” deals signed in the year. Keith G. Block – Vice Chairman, President & Chief Operating Officer, believes that nobody in the business is doing such a good job in the enterprise software business.
  4. It was their best quarter ever. Revenue for the quarter and the financial year were both up by 27%. Revenue for the quarter was $1.8 billion, closing the fiscal year at $ 6.1 billion.
  5. The growth rates for Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, are shrinking according to Marc Benioff.
  6. Unilever is a big customer for them, and they plan to bring 95,000 employees to the Salesforce platform.
  7. Most customers (72%) still use them for just one cloud – Sales or Marketing or Service etc.
  8. Salesforce is Accenture’s fastest growing business. They also have 25,000 Salesforce users within the company.
  9. “Nobody wants to be Uber-ized out of the world. That’s on the mind of every person out there who is a CEO.” – Marc Benioff.

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